Hi, I'm Claudia Cusani — welcome to Cusani Perfumes! Here’s a bit about me ...

I'm a nature lover, an optimist and a night owl. A non-conformist with a knack for the unexpected. A traveler with an eye towards the next horizon. A fanatic about clean ingredients.

I’m a natural perfumer, inspired by the exquisite beauty of botanicals to create sophisticated modern perfumes that are entirely synthetic-free. With each pure, luxurious fragrance, my desire is to take you on an unforgettable journey of scent.

Passionate about natural essences, I compose my perfumes with hundreds of premium essential oils and absolutes gathered from the four corners of the globe, many of them rare and precious materials.

Everything about the art and craft of perfumery fascinates me — especially the ritual of blending essences, one by one, and conjuring the magical alchemy that lies at the heart of fragrance creation.

I enjoy the slow, artisanal process of crafting my fragrances by hand. And I insist on purity, so you can be sure CUSANI products contain absolutely no synthetic or petrochemical ingredients. Read about our ingredients here.

Last but definitely not least, I love bringing people a sense of luxury and well-being through my work. My hope is that CUSANI products elevate your spirit and make you feel utterly fabulous. Learn more about my mission here.

You can read about my background here. Reach out anytime with questions about our products here, or leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you! — Claudia

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I love your enthusiasm and passion for fragrances and natural essences, and your dedication to clean, non-toxic ingredients. Can’t wait to receive my order! Good luck in your new endeavor!

Andrea M. March 31, 2022

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