Perfumer's Note: The main note in Moondance is vetiver, a gorgeous base note known as the Oil of Tranquility because of its intensely relaxing quality. Vetiver's unique scent ... like sweet smoke leavened with damp earth and infused with pine needles ... is both unexpected and deeply reassuring. It's a scent I adore — if I could take only five essential oils with me to a desert island, vetiver would be one of them. In Moondance, vetiver's earthy, sumptuous presence is felt throughout the whole composition rather than just in the base, complimented by fruity and spicy notes. The effect is at once dreamy and grounding, mesmerizing and sensual. It's my love song to vetiver. — Claudia

- Moondance Eau de Toilette Spray is a rich, earthy fragrance in the woody spicy family. Suitable for day or evening. Mist generously on pulse points, neck and anywhere else you desire. It will stay on the skin for 3 to 4 hours. Unisex.

- Handcrafted with 35 unique plant essences, Moondance EdT is blended in triple-filtered organic perfumers' alcohol at a 14% perfume concentration. It contains 87% certified organic ingredients. Vegan.

- Our natural botanical fragrances are highly nuanced and wear more subtly than synthetic fragrances. They won’t announce your presence from across the room. Instead, they walk with you like a second skin. Complex and non-linear, they're constantly evolving, with new notes coming to life on your skin as the essences unfold in a captivating arc of scent.