Westport Eau de Parfum


Memories drift by like buoys on the water. Bright colored leaves in autumn, walks along the rocky beach, sailing on the Sound with friends  salty sea breezes moving us forward. Aromatic wood smoke in winter, the sweet, damp smell of newly roused earth in spring. Summer mornings in the herb garden picking spearmint and lavender and sage. Home — solid with history and tradition, yet freeing, inspiring, unique. Imprinted with deep comfort like roses and vanilla. Home. Once upon a time. Always and forever. Westport.

Fragrance Character — fresh, warm, herbal, beachy, musky, powdery, unisex

Key Notes — spearmint · sage · bergamot · lavender · magnolia · rose · tuberose · ambrette seed · seaweed · vanilla · benzoin · patchouli 

Eau de Parfum — Twenty percent perfume concentration. Handcrafted exclusively with the world's finest botanical essences. Entirely free of synthetics and petrochemicals.

Available in 10 ml, 30 ml & 55 ml Presented in clear glass bottles with atomizer spray tops.

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Westport Eau de Parfum is a modern aromatic fougère fragrance with marine and amber facets. Unisex.

Ingredients: Handcrafted with thirty-nine unique plant essences blended in organic perfumers' alcohol at a perfume concentration of twenty percent. Pure botanical perfume. Eighty-two percent certified organic ingredients. Vegan. Contains no synthetic or petrochemical ingredients. Learn More

How to Wear: Our all-natural fragrances wear more intimately than synthetic fragrances. They won’t announce your presence from across the room. Rather, they walk with you like a second skin. Mist generously on pulse points and anywhere else you desire. Depending on body chemistry, Westport Eau de Parfum will stay on the skin for four to five hours.

Aroma Benefits: There's more to our fragrances than an enticing scent. Our pure botanical perfumes harness the power of the plants they’re made with, creating an abundance of beneficial energy for the wearer.

Key Westport Aroma Benefits — energizing, uplifting, balancing, comforting, grounding

Memories of life in my picturesque hometown were the inspiration for Westport Eau de Parfum. Located on the Connecticut coast, Westport is a bucolic small town, full of history and pretty scenery and charming old architecture. When I was growing up there, it was home to lots of professional creative types, and the town had a distinct air of bohemianism. It was a vibrant, encouraging environment, a place where I felt supported in my own curiosity and creativity. At the same time, there was a strong sense of community and tradition, bedrock for a secure foundation in life. In my view, it was a wonderful place to grow up. And though I no longer live there, in certain ways it’ll always be home to me.

Westport Eau de Parfum is built around two themes. An earthy, agrestic theme ... through the use of hay, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, seaweed and other notes ... reflects the natural environment of beaches and saltwater, woods and grassy fields, bracing autumns ablaze with turning leaves. And a nostalgic theme ... expressed through a cozy amber facet of vanilla, benzoin and labdanum, plus the classic comfort of roses and magnolia ... reflects my emotional connection to the town. My aim in composing Westport EdP was to create an aromatic experience that resonates for you the way the town does for me. Enjoy!  Claudia

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