Lotusland Parfum


A sublime alchemy of the sensual and the spiritual, Lotusland features the divine pink lotus and a luxurious leather accord redolent of the finest suede. It is at once animalic and elevating, encouraging your senses to frolic while creating a deep feeling of centered well-being.

Lotusland opens with fresh notes of spearmint, ginger and green mandarin, then blossoms into a bouquet of precious florals including boronia, mimosa, osmanthus and rose. Pink lotus takes center stage with its rich floral aroma and merges seamlessly with an elegant leather base of tonka bean, labdanum, birch tar and vetiver. Its long, smooth dry-down evokes the burnished glow of embers that linger through the night.

Fragrance Character — leather, floral, earthy, ethereal, sensual, rich, unisex

Key Notes — pink lotus · spearmint · ginger · green mandarin · boronia · mimosa · tuberose · osmanthus · tonka bean · liquidambar · birch tar · vetiver

Extrait de Parfum — thirty-one percent perfume concentration. Handcrafted exclusively with the world's finest botanical essences. Entirely free of synthetics and petrochemicals.

Available in 10 ml and 30 ml  presented in clear glass bottles with atomizer spray tops.

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Perfumer's Note:  Pink lotus is a flower with a scent unlike any other — an earthy, creamy sweet aroma that is almost marshy in character. An aquatic plant that can flourish in the murkiest of ponds, the flower rises above the water to unfurl its gorgeous, velvety petals. Its fragrance invites the mind into deep relaxation and clarity. The idea of contrasting that energy with an animalic leather base is what got me started on composing Lotusland. — Claudia

Lotusland Parfum Spray is a leather floral fragrance with a sensual and uplifting vibe. Suitable for day or evening. Mist generously on pulse points, neck and anywhere else you desire. It will stay on the skin for 6 to 8 hours. Unisex.

- Lotusland is a pure perfume handcrafted with 76 unique plant essences. It's blended in triple-filtered organic perfumers' alcohol at a 31% perfume concentration. Contains 75% certified organic ingredients. Vegan.

- Our natural botanical fragrances are highly nuanced and wear more subtly than synthetic fragrances. They won’t announce your presence from across the room. Instead, they walk with you like a second skin. Complex and non-linear, they're constantly evolving, with new notes coming to life on your skin as the essences unfold in a captivating arc of scent.

Susannah C., Glendale, CA  On your morning walk you happen upon the most extraordinary tangle of a garden. Sprays of magenta bells are scented with hay and berries, cascades of antique roses tinge the air. In a stony pond velvety pink flowers float on murky water. Rising up, almost hidden under spiky bougainvillea, you glimpse a red tile roof — an estate in ruins in the Hollywood Hills. Pushing aside overgrowth you walk through a French door that's hanging off its hinges and find yourself in a cavernous room, marble floor strewn with ancient Persian rugs and windblown leaves. Looking up, towering to the vaulted ceiling, shelves and shelves of leather-bound books, a lost library that smells like magic. Pure alchemy. Lotusland. — 6/12/22

Katie B., Jupiter, FL — In search of perfumes I could wear without getting a headache, I tried Cusani's Discovery Set. So glad I did! These perfumes are luxe, fresh and fabulous. They have sophistication combined with a naturalness that I absolutely love. Great brand for people like me who can't tolerate commercial scents. 4/7/22

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