THE ULTIMATE AROMATIC LUXURY — Are you looking for a true signature fragrance? Wearing a bespoke, custom-designed perfume is the ultimate aromatic experience, a luxury that expresses your individuality in a special way.

Composing exclusively with botanical essences, I offer a bespoke perfumery service for those who want a fragrance to call their own.

To begin the process, I’ll ask you to complete my in-depth Scent Personality Questionnaire. It’s designed to reveal your fragrance family preferences and provide insight into memories, experiences and concepts that resonate for you.

After I review your Questionnaire answers, we’ll have a conversation to discuss the design direction of your fragrance. Then I’ll begin to create it using my olfactive interpretation of the information you’ve provided. The result will be a unique aromatic portrait of you.

PURE YOU — Your bespoke perfume will be a sophisticated and richly nuanced fragrance composed of the world’s finest natural aromatic materials.

My perfumer’s palette consists of over three hundred organic and wildcrafted essential oils, absolutes and resins. It contains many rare and precious essences, including lotus, tuberose, jasmine, boronia, orris, tonka bean, magnolia, sandalwood and oud (to name just a few).

Like all of my fragrances, your perfume will be one-hundred percent botanical and entirely free of synthetics, aroma chemicals and isolates.

THE FINISHED PRODUCT — Your bespoke fragrance will be blended in triple-filtered organic perfumer's alcohol and presented as a perfume spray. Your custom formula will be kept on file so you can re-order.

Information on the cost and time frame for developing a bespoke perfume is available upon request. If you're interested, please email me at I'll be happy to answer your questions and send you my Scent Personality Questionnaire so we can get started! — Best, Claudia


It's uncanny how the custom perfume Claudia created resonates so deeply with me! It's a beautiful shimmering fragrance with lots of layers that I'm just in love with. Completing the Questionnaire was fun and very thought-provoking. — Abigail B., Santa Fe, NM (6/27/22)

Love, love, love my new bespoke perfume! The process was really interesting, and the outcome was an absolutely bewitching scent that I feel truly represents me. I highly recommend Claudia if you're looking for a bespoke fragrance. — Tanya F., Greenwich, CT (3/6/22)