Love Lavender Eau de Parfum


A sensuous modern take on a classic essence. Love Lavender opens with a crisp bouquet of herbaceous lavender, bitter orange, rosewood and blue tansy. Hypnotic neroli pairs with sultry orange blossom, lavender absolute, clary sage and cassie in the beguiling heart. Cedarwood is joined by labdanum, black spruce and tobacco in the warm, leathery base. Elegantly understated. Soothing. Seductive.

Fragrance Character — crisp, clean, herbaceous, floral, leathery, woody, unisex

Key Notes — french lavender · bitter orange · blue tansy · neroli · rosewood · orange blossom · clary sage · cassie · cedarwood · labdanum

Eau de Parfum — Contains twenty percent perfume concentration. Hand-blended exclusively with the world's finest botanical essences. Entirely free of synthetics and petrochemicals.

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Love Lavender Eau de Parfum is an elegantly understated fragrance in the woody floral family with leather accents.

Ingredients: Handcrafted with thirty-six unique plant essences blended in organic perfumers’ alcohol at a perfume concentration of twenty percent. Pure botanical perfume. Eighty-five percent certified organic ingredients. Vegan. Contains no synthetic or petrochemical ingredients. Learn More

What to Expect: Our natural botanical fragrances wear differently than synthetic fragrances. They’re rich and expressive, but never overpowering. They won't announce your presence from across the room. Instead, they walk with you like a second skin, projecting a mystique that pulls in those lucky enough to be close by. Our expertly blended fragrances are complex and non-linear, revealing new notes on your skin over time as they unfold in a natural arc of scent.

How to Wear / Longevity: Spritz generously on your pulse points — five to six spritzes is recommended. Depending on skin chemistry, Love Lavender will stay on your skin for about four hours, with base notes lingering up to five hours or longer.

Aroma Benefits: There's more to our fragrances than an enticing scent. Our pure botanical perfumes harness the power of the plants they’re made with, generating an abundance of beneficial energy for the wearer.

Key Love Lavender Aroma Benefits: calming, balancing, aphrodisiac, uplifting, harmonizing

Love Lavender presents the classic scent of lavender in a sensuous and sophisticated setting. An aromatic study in contrasts, it’s sweetly herbaceous, crisp and clean, but also soft and seductive. It exudes both freshness and the calming quality for which the universally beloved lavender plant is known. And its leathery, balsamic notes impart warmth and a bit of mystery. Refined and distinctly modern, it’s definitely not your grandmother’s lavender. — Claudia

Ingrid F., Winnetka, IL — This fragrance is different from what you’d probably expect when you hear the word lavender. To me, it’s got a modern unisex vibe. The neroli and orange blossom are beautifully blended with the crisp lavender, and set up a perfect segue to the warm leathery and woody base notes. The feeling is soft and clean, intimate, elegant. Classic but contemporary. I love it. — 10/4/23

Sue B., Clearwater, FL I had been wanting to try a natural perfume since realizing my regular perfumes were triggering allergic reactions. I ordered both the Sanctuary and the Love Lavender Eau de Parfum. They are just what I was looking for. The scents are truly outstanding. So very pleased with my purchase. — 2/27/23

Katie B., Jupiter, FLIn search of perfumes I could wear without getting a headache, I decided to try your Discovery Set. I’m so glad I did! Your perfumes combine luxury and sophistication with a naturalness that I absolutely love. And they cause no allergic reaction in me. Great brand for people who can't tolerate synthetic fragrances4/7/22

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