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Neroli Noir Parfum


A brilliant ray of sun on the sultry edge of night. Neroli Noir opens with a bright citrus bouquet entwined with hypnotic neroli and crisp green galbanum. A smooth segue into its opulent heart reveals radiant orange blossom and mellow rose dancing with sensual cocoa, while the honeyed notes of immortelle keep time.

Dusk begins to fall, soft as velvet. Lush vanilla and rich tonka bean swirl into the sumptuous darkness of cocoa. Sweet flouve, redolent of hay and gingerbread, welcomes you to the soirèe. Mysterious oakmoss mingles with cedarwood, vetiver and patchouli and they all linger for hours, taking you with them deep into the night.

Fragrance Character — gourmand, citrusy, floral, earthy, sensual, ethereal, elegant

Key Notes — neroli · bergamot · petitgrain · galbanum · orange blossom · rose · linden blossom · immortelle · cocoa · vanilla · tonka bean · flouve

Parfum — Contains thirty-two percent perfume concentration. Hand-blended exclusively with the world's finest botanical essences. Entirely free of synthetics and petrochemicals.

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Neroli Noir Parfum is an elegant gourmand fragrance with floral, citrus and earthy facets and a vibe that’s uplifting and sensuous.

Ingredients: Handcrafted with seventy-one unique plant essences blended in organic perfumers' alcohol at a perfume concentration of thirty-two percent. Pure botanical perfume. Seventy-six percent certified organic ingredients. Vegan. Contains no synthetic or petrochemical ingredients. Learn More

What to Expect: Our natural botanical fragrances wear differently than synthetic fragrances. They’re rich and expressive, but never overpowering. They won't announce your presence from across the room. Instead, they walk with you like a second skin, projecting a mystique that pulls in those lucky enough to be close by. Our expertly blended fragrances are complex and non-linear, revealing new notes on your skin over time as they unfold in a natural arc of scent.

How to Wear / Longevity: Spritz generously on your pulse points — five to six spritzes is recommended. Depending on skin chemistry, Neroli Noir will stay on your skin for about six hours, with base notes lingering up to eight hours or longer.

Aroma Benefits: There's more to our fragrances than an enticing scent. Our pure botanical perfumes harness the power of the plants they’re made with, generating an abundance of beneficial energy for the wearer.

Key Neroli Noir Aroma Benefits: uplifting, comforting, harmonizing, aphrodisiac, grounding

I’m often intrigued by the contrasts between the aromatic materials I work with. Some essences smell deep and mysterious, others are incandescently bright, still others occupy a middle ground between dark and light. And sometimes, it’s the interplay between contrasting essences — of the spaces in a composition where they might meet, and the emotions they might evoke — that inspires me to create a perfume.

So it was with Neroli Noir. One day I was in my studio making tinctures of two of my favorite aromatic materials, neroli and orange blossom — sublime white florals procured from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. As it happened, there was a cup of hot cocoa on the table, its delectable aroma wafting insistently towards my nose. The radiantly beautiful scent of the white florals bumped up against the darkly sumptuous and comforting smell of the cocoa. And I thought, wait a minute. And Neroli Noir was born. — Claudia

Susannah C., Glendale, CA — It doesn’t get much better than this. Neroli Noir is luminous and sophisticated. It evokes a feeling of comfort and beautiful ease. It’s like you’re sitting on a veranda in the South of France on a warm spring evening, with the scent of orange blossoms in the air and a cup of bittersweet chocolate in your hands. Mix in the fragrance of a sunny meadow, sweet roses, luscious vanilla and a hint of butterscotch. Glorious! — 3/30/24

Kriss M., Vail, AZ I wore Neroli Noir again today. I really love it, and my husband does too. Very seductive, powerful and long-lasting. This parfum is a keeper for me! I’m so glad I discovered your natural perfumes. — 3/20/24


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