Synthetic-Free Perfumery. Our Idea of Luxury.

CUSANI fragrances are created by hand entirely with premium plant essences. They are one-hundred percent synthetic-free.

Each creation invokes the timeless art of natural perfumery to present you with an aromatic experience of beauty and character.

Our Perfumes are composed from our perfumer's palette of over three hundred sustainably sourced essential oils, absolutes, resins, tinctures and CO2 extracts. Many of these essences are rare and precious materials. We spare no expense in creating our authentic botanical fragrances. 

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients.

CUSANI fragrances and products contain none of the synthetic or petrochemical ingredients found in conventional perfumery and body care. Unwavering in our standards, we place our customers' well-being over profits by using only ethically sourced, renewable natural ingredients rather than less expensive but harmful synthetics.

Our products contain absolutely no: phthalates, parabens, sulfates, glycols, formaldehydes, synthetic fragrance molecules, aroma chemicals, isolates, fragrance oils, artificial preservatives, synthetic dyes, GMO ingredients, animal ingredients, or so-called “safe synthetics.”

Just pure, unadulterated plant ingredients that connect you to the natural world and leave you feeling vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

All of our products contain between seventy-five and ninety-five percent certified organic ingredients, with the remaining ingredients being wildcrafted or traditionally farmed.

We source our ingredients from ethical suppliers whom we trust implicitly to provide us with proper certification and provenance.

Fragrance Composition.

Our perfumes are complex and non-linear. They are composed in the classic French tradition, which focuses on the evolution and interplay of essences over several hours, rather than on a “linear” aromatic experience (where what you smell at first spritz is what you get all the way through).

In a non-linear perfume, the essences unfold in stages — opening with the vivid but fleeting top notes, seguing to the expressive heart notes, and moving on to the lingering dry down of the rich base notes. In this way, the wearer is taken on a luxurious aromatic journey, and the full beauty and character of the perfume is revealed over many hours.

We combine this time-honored compositional technique with our modern scent aesthetic and our creative impulse to “color outside the lines.” The result is distinctive fragrances that are at once contemporary and classic. Learn more about our perfumes.

Explore Perfume Types

High Vibration Fragrances.

One pure botanical perfumes are high vibration fragrances, made the way nature intended. They harness the power of the plants they’re created with to generate a bounty of beneficial energy for the wearer.

Composed with dozens of vital plant essences, our perfumes tend to be very elevating, imparting a heightened sense of well-being. And each perfume offers a unique set of aroma benefits, depending on the properties of the essences it contains. To learn more, view the “More About” section on our perfume product pages. 

For Women and Men.

We don’t subscribe to the notion that fragrances should be categorized by gender. Our philosophy is simple: if you like it, wear it. We believe the concept that certain essences are masculine and others are feminine is outmoded and unnecessarily limiting. So when composing a fragrance, gender doesn't play a role in our thinking. Our only objective is to create something beautiful that anyone can enjoy.

Artisanal Craftsmanship.

CUSANI products are meticulously hand-blended and bottled in small batches in-house to ensure product quality and integrity. We are painstaking in our attention to every detail during the crafting of each product. We savor this artisanal process, and believe it leads to an elevated experience for our customers as well.

Our Parfum and Eaux de Parfum are blended in USDA-certified, triple-filtered organic perfumers’ alcohol. We never use denatured alcohol, which contains toxic additives.

We carefully age our perfumes for several months before bottling. We do not filter our perfumes, as filtering can erase subtle aromatic nuances that contribute to the beauty of a scent.

If a fragrance is listed as sold out on our website, more will be available soon. You would have the option of pre-ordering the item online, or subscribing to our newsletter to be informed when it is ready.

Luxury Body Oils & Room Sprays.

CUSANI’s superbly moisturizing Luxury Body Oils leave your skin feeling gorgeously supple and sleek. Our nutrient-rich, water-free formula consists of four powerhouse organic oils — avocado, marula, argan and jojoba — blended with one of our signature fragrance. Beautifully absorbent, lightweight, super-emollient and synthetic-free. Available in four fragrances.

CUSANI Luxury Room Sprays boost well-being wherever you are with sublime scents that are entirely synthetic-free. Refresh and elevate your home and your spirit, create a mood, mist on linens. Our Room Sprays contain distilled water blended with one of our signature fragrances in an eau fraiche concentration of three percent. Available in five fragrances.

Sustainable Practices.

The natural world is our mentor and our muse. We’re committed to doing our part to help preserve it through sustainable business practices. All CUSANI products are made entirely with renewable ingredients sourced from ethical growers. They are one-hundred percent free of synthetics and petrochemicals, non-GMO, cruelty-free and vegan.

Our product containers consist of ninety percent recyclable materials, and product boxes are made with one-hundred percent post-consumer recycled content.

Sold Exclusively on This Website.

CUSANI products are sold exclusively on this website; they are not sold in shops or on other websites. Because of the finely crafted nature of our products, we prefer to sell them directly to our customers rather than through distributors. We handcraft our products in artisanal batches using the highest-quality botanical essences in the world. We don’t use artificial preservatives, dyes or fillers of any kind.

We encourage you to try fragrance samples before purchasing full-sized bottles of perfume, as products cannot be returned or exchanged. Fragrance samples are available in Discovery Sets and also as individual samples.

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Learn more about our products on our FAQ page. Read perfumer Claudia Cusani's story here.