No. 9 Parfum


An elegant chypre with a voluptuous heart, No. 9 pairs the seduction of tuberose with the jammy sweetness of fir balsam and the refinement of mossy woods. It opens with sparkling notes of tarragon, bergamot and verbena. Lush jasmine and orange blossom and rare, delicate orris surround an addictive heart of sultry tuberose as it slowly reveals its sensual depths.

Rich base notes of oakmoss, tonka bean and labdanum join leathery black spruce and fir balsam for a gorgeous, lingering dry-down. At once radiant and restrained, No. 9 is a fresh modern tuberose fragrance that takes you effortlessly from day to night.

Fragrance Character — refined, radiant, unexpected, seductive, white floral, mossy woods, coniferous

Key Notesbergamot · tarragon · verbena · tuberose · jasmine · orange blossom · orris · oakmoss · fir balsam · tonka bean · tobacco · labdanum

Parfum — Contains thirty-one percent perfume concentration. Hand-blended exclusively with the world's finest botanical essences. Entirely free of synthetics and petrochemicals.

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No. 9 Parfum is an elegant chypre fragrance with a hypnotic floral heart and fresh, woody accents.

Ingredients: Handcrafted with seventy-two unique plant essences blended in organic perfumers' alcohol at a perfume concentration of thirty-one percent. Pure botanical perfume. Seventy-eight percent certified organic ingredients. Vegan. Contains no synthetic or petrochemical ingredients. Learn More

What to Expect: Our natural botanical fragrances wear differently than synthetic fragrances. They’re rich and expressive, but never overpowering. They won't announce your presence from across the room. Instead, they walk with you like a second skin, projecting a mystique that pulls in those lucky enough to be near.

Our fragrances are complex and non-linear. They reveal new notes on your skin over time as they unfold in a natural arc of scent.

How to Wear / Longevity: Mist generously on your pulse points — five to six spritzes is recommended for optimal wear. Depending on skin chemistry, No. 9 will stay on your skin for about six hours, with base notes lingering up to eight hours or longer.

Aroma Benefits: There's more to our fragrances than an enticing scent. Our pure botanical perfumes harness the power of the plants they’re made with, generating an abundance of beneficial energy for the wearer.

Key No. 9 Aroma Benefits: elevating, euphoric, energizing, aphrodisiac, grounding

Tuberose, one of perfumery's most precious florals, is truly in a class by itself. Its hypnotic scent — at once intoxicating, clean, rich and buttery — is incomparably alluring. Known as the Queen of the Night, this iconic, night-blooming flower has a long-standing reputation as a seductive temptress. In Victorian England, for example, young ladies were not permitted to enter tuberose gardens after dark for fear that the narcotic blooms would rouse their senses and inspire them to indecent behavior (true story!).

In creating No. 9, I wanted to merge the raw sexiness of tuberose with an unexpected fresh note that would present the voluptuous flower in a crisp, modern setting. That note turned out to be fir balsam absolute — a sweet, warm, jammy forest essence that plays beautifully with the boldly charismatic tuberose. The mesmerizing floral heart combined with fresh, woody accents creates a magical chypre scent that imparts confidence, radiance and contentment to its wearer.

So why did I call it No. 9? Because when I was developing the fragrance, I composed a dozen iterations of the formula, and ultimately decided that the version I liked best was number nine. — Claudia

Isabelle A., Oyster Bay, NY — Tuberose, one of my favorite floral notes, shines brightly in No. 9. The interplay between intoxicating tuberose and fresh fir balsam sets the stage for this gorgeous perfume. No. 9 imparts a beautiful chiaroscuro effect that’s both warm and cool, shadowy and light. It’s sophisticated and mysterious, with a luminous heart of tuberose and orange blossom that continues through the dry-down. Very refined, uplifting, and sexy. A masterpiece of creativity and skillful blending. — 1/20/24

Susannah C., Glendale, CA — It's late autumn and you've spent the afternoon at the Met. Stepping outside, you pull on a favorite pair of green leather gloves and lift your coat collar around your neck. Hurrying down Madison Avenue, you catch a whiff of tobacco and step into a florist shop to escape the chill. The heavy glass door opens to warm damp air and the intoxicating scent of white blossoms, fir balsam and moss. No. 9 ... sublime and sophisticated. — 8/4/23

Breann B., Camarillo, CA — Cusani perfumes are fabulous. I had not been able to wear perfumes for years due to sensitivity to the chemicals used in them. But all that’s changed thanks to these pure botanical fragrances. I especially love Haute Bohème, Sanctuary, Westport and No. 9. Each is uniquely beautiful, and you can tell that they’re premium quality. A true adventure for the senses. — 6/15/23

Katie B., Jupiter, FLIn search of perfumes I could wear without getting a headache, I decided to try your Discovery Set. I’m so glad I did! Your perfumes combine luxury and sophistication with a naturalness that I absolutely love. And they cause no allergic reaction in me. Great brand for people who can't tolerate synthetic fragrances. 4/7/22

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