From Music Notes to Fragrance Notes — My Journey from Singer to Perfumer

Creative expression has always been a driving force in my life. Singing was my first love, and while still a student at Berklee College of Music, I began my professional career as a singer in a jazz band.

In the ensuing years, I gigged in nightclubs, worked as a session vocalist and wrote music. Like singing, songwriting gave me a lot of satisfaction. I loved creating melodies and harmonies, writing lyrics, and telling stories through song.

Though I never get tired of music, eventually I burned out on the notoriously erratic music business. Desiring a more grounded existence, I took a detour and followed a passionate interest in wellness to a new career in holistic healing.

It turned out to be a lovely way to make a living — truly an honor and an education to help people on their healing journeys. And the intuitive nature of holistic work is creative expression in its own right. If creativity has a sister, it’s intuition.

One of the treatment modalities I used in my practice was aromatherapy, which I had studied extensively. I was madly in love with essential oils. Their profound beauty and wide array of therapeutic properties bring us gifts on so many levels. For me, one of those gifts was access to a world I never thought I could be part of — the world of scent.

That’s because prior to experiencing essential oils, I had avoided scented products like the proverbial plague due to allergies and sensitive skin. Perfumes, room sprays, scented lotions and candles — all were impossible for me to use, or even be within several feet of, because of the unpleasant symptoms they provoked. The joy of fragrance — inviting, evocative, sensuous — was not meant for me. Or so I thought.

But essential oils changed that for me. The revelation of nature’s enchantingly fragrant and soothing plant essences — and on the flip side, the realization that the scented products I’d been reacting to so negatively were made with toxic synthetic “scents” — was truly life-changing.

With essential oils, I discovered a wonderland of fragrance without side effects. They were little aromatic miracles that my body not only tolerated, but actually benefited from.

Inspired by these gorgeous plant essences, I went on to create an aromatherapy-based body care brand called Sage Canyon Botanicals. Sage Canyon products were sold online and in retail establishments for over a decade. I personally formulated the product line, which featured complex essential oil blends in a clean, high-performance alternative to synthetic-based body care.

CUSANI Perfumes

Along the way, I took my love affair with essential oils to the next level and began composing fine fragrances. What I bring to you here at CUSANI Perfumes are the fruits of my passion for creating truly luxurious modern perfumes that are entirely free of synthetics.

Crafted by hand with the finest organic and wildcrafted botanical essences, they contain no synthetic fragrance molecules, aroma chemicals, isolates, fragrance oils, parabens, phthalates, glycols, sulfates, GMOs or animal ingredients.

One of the things I appreciate most about my latest creative adventure is the way it combines so many aspects of my life’s work to date. The striking similarities between music composition and fragrance composition … holistic healing and the power of essential oils … the transformative nature of scent … they’ve all come together here, in the creation of pure botanical perfumes.

My desire is to make each fragrance “sing” — to create a compelling and harmonious experience through scent that resonates for you and brings you great pleasure. Enjoy! Claudia xo

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Interesting story, thank you for sharing it. Looking forward to receiving my order of Haute Bohème Parfum!

Chloe February 19, 2023

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