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Memories of life in my picturesque New England hometown were the inspiration for Westport Extrait de Parfum, a modern aromatic fougère with marine and amber facets. Located on the Connecticut coast, Westport is a charming small town, full of history and pretty scenery and lovely old architecture.

When I was growing up there, it was home to quite a few professional creative types, and the town had an air of genteel bohemianism. For me, it was an encouraging environment, a place where I felt supported in my own curiosity and creativity.

At the same time, there was a strong sense of community and tradition, bedrock for a secure foundation in life. It was a great place to grow up. And though I no longer live there, in a certain way it will always be home.

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Westport Extrait de Parfum opens with fresh citrus-herbal top notes, segues into a powdery green floral heart, and dries down to a smooth, woody-amber base.

Key notes are spearmint, sage, bergamot, basil, lavender, magnolia, rose, jasmine, ambrette seed, vanilla, benzoin, seaweed, opopanax and patchouli.

Like all my perfumes, Westport is hand-blended and one-hundred percent botanical, no synthetic anything. It’s a gender-neutral fragrance.

Westport is built around two olfactive themes. An earthy, agrestic theme through the use of hay, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, seaweed and other notes — evokes the natural environment of beaches and saltwater, woods and grassy fields, bracing autumns ablaze with turning leaves.

And a nostalgic theme — expressed through a cozy amber facet of vanilla, benzoin and labdanum, plus the classic comfort of roses, lavender and magnolia — reflects my emotional connection to my hometown.

In composing Westport, I wanted to create a rich aromatic experience that resonates for you the way the town does for me. I hope you enjoy it. Claudia xo

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Beautiful fragrance! It’s got a soft, dreamy quality, yet it’s earthy and deeply nuanced at the same time. I pick up herbs, mint, woods, florals, vanilla, leather and, underneath it all, the sea. Very sophisticated, high-quality perfume, and I love that it’s totally natural.

Layla May 10, 2023

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