Sandra P., Santa Barbara, CA — Thank you for this fabulous fragrance! It has so many beautiful aspects to it … shimmery, woodsy, beachy, vanilla … classy, confident, warm. As a Westport native, I love that you created a perfume about our hometown. — 5/16/24

Marian S., Weston, CT — Just thrilled to receive your gorgeous fragrance, Westport! Wearing it now, and enjoying its sweet, warm scent. Outdoorsy in a very refined way. Sweet like vanilla, balanced by beachy marine scents. There’s a lovely interplay between ethereal and earthy elements. I’m drawn to the allure of this perfume, which vibes with me very well. 8/29/23

Stephen G., Bedford, NY — I love Westport, it’s my new go-to fragrance. Classy, compelling and very uplifting. A great unisex scent for everyday use. 8/15/23

Breann B., Camarillo, CA — Cusani perfumes are fabulous. I had not been able to wear perfumes for years due to sensitivity to the chemicals used in them. But all that’s changed thanks to these pure botanical fragrances. I especially love Haute Bohème, Sanctuary, Westport and No. 9. Each is uniquely beautiful, and you can tell that they’re premium quality. A true adventure for the senses. — 6/15/23

Layla R., Sedona, AZ  Beautiful fragrance! It’s got a soft, dreamy quality, yet it’s earthy and deeply nuanced at the same time. I pick up herbs, mint, woods, florals, vanilla, leather and, underneath it all, the sea. Very sophisticated, high-quality perfume, and I love that it’s totally natural.  5/10/23