Isabelle A., Oyster Bay, NY — Tuberose, one of my favorite floral notes, shines brightly in No. 9. The interplay between intoxicating tuberose and fresh fir balsam sets the stage for this gorgeous perfume. No. 9 imparts a beautiful chiaroscuro effect that’s both warm and cool, shadowy and light. It’s sophisticated and mysterious, with a luminous heart of tuberose and orange blossom that continues through the dry-down. Very refined, uplifting, and sexy. A masterpiece of creativity and skillful blending. — 1/20/24

Susannah C., Glendale, CA — It's late autumn and you've spent the afternoon at the Met. Stepping outside, you pull on a favorite pair of green leather gloves and lift your coat collar around your neck. Hurrying down Madison Avenue, you catch a whiff of tobacco and step into a florist shop to escape the chill. The heavy glass door opens to warm damp air and the intoxicating scent of white blossoms, fir balsam and moss. No. 9 ... sublime and sophisticated. — 8/4/23

Breann B., Camarillo, CA — Cusani perfumes are fabulous. I had not been able to wear perfumes for years due to sensitivity to the chemicals used in them. But all that’s changed thanks to these pure botanical fragrances. I especially love Haute Bohème, Sanctuary, Westport and No. 9. Each is uniquely beautiful, and you can tell that they’re premium quality. A true adventure for the senses. — 6/15/23

Katie B., Jupiter, FLIn search of perfumes I could wear without getting a headache, I decided to try your Discovery Set. I’m so glad I did! Your perfumes combine luxury and sophistication with a naturalness that I absolutely love. And they cause no allergic reaction in me. Great brand for people who can't tolerate synthetic fragrances. 4/7/22