Carolyn H., New York, NY — Lotusland really resonates for me. It’s a beautiful perfume with a mystical vibe. I love the way I feel when I wear it … it takes me out of myself to where I’m very relaxed and centered. As for the fragrance itself, Lotusland is earthy and intense, yet somehow airy and uplifting at the same time. And the lotus heart note is exquisite. From the opening notes of mint, citrus and spice through the long, leathery dry-down, Lotusland takes you on a fascinating trip. The fact that it’s a pure botanical perfume makes it that much better. — 12/12/23

Susannah C., Glendale, CA — On your morning walk you happen upon the most extraordinary tangle of a garden. Sprays of magenta bells are scented with hay and berries, cascades of antique roses tinge the air. In a stony pond velvety pink flowers float on murky water. Rising up, almost hidden under spiky bougainvillea, you glimpse a red tile roof — an estate in ruins in the Hollywood Hills. Pushing aside overgrowth you walk through a French door that's hanging off its hinges and find yourself in a cavernous room, marble floor strewn with ancient Persian rugs and windblown leaves. Looking up, towering to the vaulted ceiling, shelves and shelves of leather-bound books, a lost library that smells like magic. Pure alchemy. Lotusland. — 2/17/23

Katie B., Jupiter, FL — In search of perfumes I could wear without getting a headache, I decided to try your Discovery Set. I’m so glad I did! Your perfumes combine luxury and sophistication with a naturalness that I absolutely love. And they cause no allergic reaction in me. Great brand for people who can't tolerate synthetic fragrances. 4/7/22