Introducing Neroli Noir Parfum — A Dance Between Shadow & Light

If you follow my blog, you already know I’m a huge fan of neroli and orange blossom. These two sublime essences, derived from the same citrus tree,* are indispensable in perfumery, and all of my perfumes contain one or both of them to some degree. But until now, I had never created a perfume where they’re the centerpiece of the composition.

So I’m excited to introduce you to my latest perfume, Neroli Noir. Two years in the making, it’s a sophisticated fragrance in the floral gourmand family that showcases these two beautiful white florals.

I’m often intrigued by the contrasts between the aromatic materials I work with. Some essences smell deep and mysterious, others are incandescently bright, still others occupy a middle ground between dark and light. And sometimes, it’s the interplay between contrasting essences — of the spaces in a composition where they might meet, and the emotions they might evoke — that inspires me to create a perfume.

So it was with Neroli Noir. One day I was in my studio making tinctures of neroli essential oil and orange blossom absolute. As it happened, there was a cup of hot cocoa on the table, its delectable aroma wafting insistently towards my nose. The radiantly beautiful scent of the white florals bumped up against the darkly sumptuous and comforting smell of the cocoa. And Neroli Noir was born.

An elegant dance between shadow and light, Neroli Noir is a complex, non-linear parfum that is purely botanical and synthetic-free. Made with seventy-one unique plant essences, many of them precious ingredients, it starts out with a lush green / floral citrus accord of galbanum, neroli, petitgrain and bergamot. It segues into a warm and sensual heart of orange blossom, rose, cocoa and immortelle. In the dry-down, vanilla, tonka and flouve mingle cozily with oakmoss, cedarwood, vetiver and patchouli.

Neroli Noir’s fragrance character is best described as gourmand, citrusy, floral, earthy, sensual and ethereal. It has a perfume concentration of thirty-three percent and will last about six hours on the skin, with base notes lingering for eight hours or longer.

What I hope to evoke with Neroli Noir is a sense of delicious comfort and luxurious ease that you keep wanting to come back to. I really hope you enjoy it. Let know what you think! — Claudia xo

*LEARN MORE about neroli and orange blossom — where these gorgeous essences come from, their aromatherapy properties and perfumery uses, and their history.


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