No. 9 Parfum is an elegant chypre fragrance with a hypnotic floral heart and fresh, woody accents.

Ingredients — Handcrafted with seventy-three unique plant essences blended in organic perfumers' alcohol at a perfume concentration of thirty-one percent. Pure botanical perfume. Seventy-eight percent certified organic ingredients. Vegan. Contains no synthetic or petrochemical ingredients. Learn More

How to Wear — Our all-natural fragrances wear more intimately than synthetic fragrances. They won’t announce your presence from across the room. Rather, they walk with you like a second skin. Spritz generously on pulse points, neck and anywhere else you desire. Depending on body chemistry, No. 9 will stay on the skin for six to eight hours.

Aroma Benefits — There's more to our fragrances than an enticing scent. Our pure botanical perfumes harness the power of the plants they’re made with, generating an abundance of beneficial energy for the wearer.

Key No. 9 Aroma Benefits elevating, euphoric, energizing, aphrodisiac, grounding