Pristine Luxury Room Spray


Elevate life with a spritz of sublime scent. Enhance and refresh any space, set a mood, mist on linens. Fragranced exclusively with pure plant essences, our gorgeously aromatic Room Sprays boost well-being wherever you are.

Pristine — Pristine leads you to a dense forest of fragrant evergreens on the banks of a rushing river. You look up at the treetops and take a deep breath. As if by magic, the scent of energizing pine, uplifting spruce and grounding fir balsam instantly clears your head and lifts your spirits. You feel utterly refreshed and restored.

Key Notes — fir balsam · black spruce · scotch pine · pink grapefruit · geranium rose · angelica root · frankincense · himalayan cedarwood

revitalizing · uplifting · relaxing

Luxury Room Sprays are hand-blended with sustainable botanical ingredients from around the world. Free of synthetics and petrochemicals, they'll inspire you to breathe deeply and relax.

90% certified organic ingredients


ingredients: distilled water, blend of 100% natural and organic plant essences (essential oils, absolutes, resins, tinctures, CO2 extracts)

contains no: phthalates, parabens, sulfates, glycols, formaldehydes, synthetic fragrance molecules, aroma chemicals, isolates, fragrance oils, alcohol, artificial preservatives, synthetic colorants, animal ingredients or gmo ingredients

· our pure botanical room sprays harness the power of the plants they’re made with to offer you authentic aromatherapy in addition to a great scent

· revitalize your space, create an ambiance, mist on linens, boost your mood; convenient 100 ml (3.3 fl. oz.) bottle can travel with you anywhere

· shake bottle gently before each use, then spray generously

· synthetic-free, alcohol-free, non-aerosol, non-toxic and naturally anti-microbial

· safe for use on fabrics

· contains an eau fraiche concentration of three percent aromatic materials

· hand-blended and bottled in small batches; made with sustainable plant ingredients ethically sourced from around the world

Alexa T., New York City, NY — Cusani Room Sprays are a must-have in my home. I've tried lots of natural air fresheners in the past, but none had fragrances that matched the depth and pure beauty of Cusani Sprays. I also love that they’re completely non-toxic and synthetic-free. Exceptional products that revitalize my home and my spirit. — 5/4/22

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